What Causes Over Optimization & Google Penguin Penalties?

Google penalties can come as a result of poor link building practices, or over optimization of on page factors. More specifically, a penguin penalty is typically caused by rapid link growth from low quality link sources. Link sources such as blog networks, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, article directories, and other notoriously low quality link sources.

To be clear, there's nothing inherently wrong with these link sources. The problem lies in the fact that they are easy to attain, manipulate, and mass produce. Before the latest algorithm changes from Google, links such as these were created in the millions, each and every day. And for a while, it worked exceptionally well.

Today, search engine optimization is an entirely different ball game. Although unnatural link building has always been frowned about by the architects at Google, there was never really an effective way for them enforce, let alone detect unnatural link building. But once again, things have changed dramatically. Particularly since April 2012, which is when Google rolled out the first “Penguin” algorithm update.

In other words, if the links pointing at your website appear unnatural by Google's standards, they will downgrade the reputation of your site, and may cause a penguin penalty to lower your search engine rankings. A penguin, or over optimization penalty can greatly disrupt your online business, but we're here to help.

Here, at Orp Media Link Removal, our team of expert link analysts will comb through the all the backlinks your website has received. Using our tried and true negative link identification methods, actioned 100% by humans, not software, we'll be able to target the links we believe are responsible for poor search engine rankings.

Upon collecting our list of negative links, we will contact website owners by any means necessary, until these links are permanently removed. Not all webmasters will respond, but our success rate of removal is still exceptionally high.

You may see minor results right away. As we remove bad links from the web (and the Unnatural Link Penalties that are never far behind), some websites will begin slowly crawling back up the search results. We will also act as a liaison between your website and Google, just to make sure Google is 100% aware of the proactive role you're playing in bettering your website.

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