Orp Media Testimonials:

"As an Internet based business customer traffic and Google results are essential to our success. Orp Media has been crucial in developing our internet strategy, their help has been amazing with things such as Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and the optimization of our website for Google rankings. Orp Media have also helped us with targeting our advertising campaigns, saving us a lot of money. The results we have seen have been amazing and long lasting. We have experienced a great growth in the traffic to our website and this has correlated to higher sales.

Since using Orp media we have seen amazing long lasting results. We are getting more traffic than ever and our sales growth has been fantastic! I would highly recommend Orp media to anyone."

Karen Martine

"For a few years now our business has relied heavily on Google organic ranking to generate revenue. Early in 2012 Google rolled out it’s “Penguin” update and our website went from having a strong first page presence for many keywords to nowhere! This sudden drop in rankings caused a big disruption to our business cash flow and revenue. After calling a few SEO companies and discussing the best way to proceed no one could provide the solution I was looking for until I got in contact with Keith of Orp Media. Keith laid out a solid plan for us to follow to not only regain our ranking but also new strategies with a focus on quality to avoid getting hit by Penguin again. Keith also showed me some clever tricks to get the most from Google Adwords which we had been previously ignoring. By producing a profitable Adwords Campaign our business now has a reliable safety net in case of any new algorithms Google may roll out. With Keith’s help we have regained a lot of ground since the drop but better still our site is now generating more qualified traffic due to the new strategies he suggested. "