Google Penalty Removal & Recovery

Is your website losing exposure and search engine rankings because the last SEO company you hired clearly didn't do a good job promoting your website to the search engines? This happens more than you would think, and you're certainly not alone. The good news is, there's something you can do to reverse the damage, regain any lost traffic, and even receive a higher search engine ranking than before.

There are a number of reasons the SEO company, that you hired previously, had a negative impact on your website and its rankings. However, there are two reasons that crop up time and time again.

The most likely scenario is that they were simply incompetent. There are many SEO firms out there that make bold promises, yet don't have the experience or power to fulfill these promises.

The second most likely scenario is one in which the SEO firm got too greedy. They saw loopholes in the way the search engines are set up, and they exploited those loopholes in every way they could. Unfortunately, they didn't look toward the future, nor did they take into consideration just how important the long term success of your online presence really is.

We pride ourselves on being able to see ahead of the curve. Our ability to identify and avoid risky SEO practices. And successfully planning for the continued growth of your website and it's increasing relevance in the marketing and advertising of your business.

The Google Penalty Recovery Process

Let's face it, the link removal process isn't complicated, but it is time consuming. When you're tasked with removing several hundred, likely even multiple thousands of links, who has the time or patience? You have an entire business to run, and your time is better spent doing practically anything else but link removal. The same reason you hired a SEO company in the first place.

Small and medium-sized businesses hire Orp Media Link Removal, not just because we can remove links in a rather speedy manner, but because we actually get better results for your website and the future of your overall SEO strategy.

When you hire us for Google penalty recovery, we start by getting to understand your business, your website, and how it's faring in the search engines. We can then begin looking at the backlinks (links directing to your website from other websites), and measure how they may be affecting your search engine rankings. You'll be able to watch the link removal process live, provided by our highly experienced link analysis team, this will give you a rundown of your overall link profile, and what steps we are taking to remedy any penalties.

Once we have a list of all your links, our first round of link pruning will target links from websites that have a notoriously negative effect on search engine rankings. The second round of link pruning will entail going through your remaining backlinks with a fine-toothed comb, judging each link on a case-by-case basis, determining if it's fit for removal.

The real work comes in after we have our final list of backlinks that are targeted for removal. At this stage we will begin contacting the webmaster or owner of each and every website on our list. We will continually attempt to make contact for a full three weeks, until these links are removed. When our work here is done, we will work directly with Google on your behalf in an attempt to get your website back in good standing, and receive a full recovery, in accordance with Google's guidelines.

Get in touch with Orp Media today and begin repairing your online reputation.