Link Removal FAQ

What exactly do you do?

We analyze your websites backlink profile, looking for backlinks that could potentially be hurting your websites ranking, and even causing you to be penalised. We then work to have these spam links removed, disavow any unremovable links and liaise with Google on your behalf to have any potential penalties removed so that you have a clean slate and the ability to have your website ranking well into the future.

There is 4 main steps to our link removal process.

First of all we gather your websites back link information from various sources including ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO, we then compile them all into a spread sheet removing any duplicates. Once this is completed we email you a link to the spread sheet so that you can watch the link removal process in real time.

Next, our team of link analysis experts will visit every link pointing to your website, one by one, and classify them as spam, clean or already deleted.

Our third step is tracking down the all the contact details for the website owner on which the link is placed, once we have the email addresses and contact form information we log it into our spread sheet, and get ready to start emailing the webmasters one by one asking for the link to be removed. We repeat this emailing once every 7 days until we've emailed them 3 times or they have replied that the link has been removed. On the 4th week we do a final delete check, before using Google's disavow tool to log and remove any further links that may be holding you back.

Once removal has been completed, we contact Google on your behalf requesting a re-consideration for your websites rankings. We show all the data that we have collected in the above processes, including full access to our spread sheet, links that have been removed, time and dates of attempts to contact unresponsive webmasters, and give them access to all the emails we have sent in the process. Google will then tell is whether the penalty has been removed, or if we have more work to do. We will attempt up to 3 consideration requests on your behalf, repeating the above processes, doing everything we can to work with Google to remove the penalty.

The full process usually takes between 8 to 12 weeks depending of the size of the project.

What types of links do you classify as spam?

Anything that is obviously created only for link building purposes, manipulating search engine rankings and offers no value to anyone. Including but not limited to blog comments, forum spam including posts and profiles, blog networks, mass produced social bookmarks and anything that's spun / unreadable including articles on article directories, web2.0's, wiki entries etc.

What type of links do you not remove?

High quality content that is informative, and offers value to users. Such as guest posts, high quality articles and web2.0 with pictures and video's, press releases, and any link on a real website, not intended to solely to manipulate search results.

Can you guarantee my Google rankings will return?

No we can not, we are not Google and have no control over their search engine results pages. Your ranking may fluctuate during the time that we are working on your link removal project, either up or down, and this is normal during any link building or link removal process, and can also be due to algorithm changes that Google or the other search engines are constantly making.

Once we have completed your project, you will have a much cleaner link profile, and we would recommend you work with a quality SEO company who can work with you to create a content management strategy that will have to ranking well now and into the future. Do not work with an SEO company who plans to do nothing but link building - or you'll end up back here with us cleaning your link profile again.

Can you guarantee that my websites penalty will be removed?

Unfortunately we can't do this either, but with Google's new disavow tool now released, we have a very high chance of success. And, currently we do have a 100% success rate.

We will attempt 3 runs of link removal on your website, working with Google as they tell us what still needs to be removed to be released from penalty.

But, if there is a ridiculously large amount of spam and it is just not possible to get enough removed to appease Google, then at that point, as Google's Matt Cutts has said himself "If you've cleaned and still don't recover, ultimately, you might need to start all over with a fresh site".

Are you able to take on larger projects?

Yes, we can. We have a large team ready to take on any size project. I have set the sizes of our main link removal packages from 500 unique domains up to 2000 as this has been more than enough for all the small to medium sized business users we have catered to so far.

If you'd like a custom quote for a large business website please send an email to

How much do you charge for large link removal projects?

Our charges for the link removal, and penalty removal processes are $995 for the first 500 unique domains that need links removed from them. If you are not sure how many links/unique domains you need to have links removed from that's fine, we will manually analyze your link profile, and quote based on the exact number of low quality links we believe should be removed to get you out of trouble.

If you'd like a custom quote please send an email to

Are you currently taking on SEO customers?

At this time we are no longer taking on any new SEO or Adwords customers and will be focusing 100% on our link removal business.

If you are an SEO company and would like to be added to our list of recommended Internet marketing companies, please send an email to explaining why you should be on this list.

If you are a customer who would like to know which Internet marketing companies we recommend and why, after your link removal project is complete we will recommend a few companies who are local to you who you can contact and work out who fits your needs best.

Do you offer an Affiliate program?

Yes, we do. We offer an affiliate program through Shareasale. Click here for details.