"Have You Been Hit By An Unnatural Links Or Google Penguin Over Optimization Penalty?"

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Our staff manually check each link pointing to your website - one by one.
We use 100% human processes. No software, No Guessing.

I don't think any SEO company started their business with the idea 'I'm going to do the lowest quality work possible for my customers'. 

But over time as competition grew, price wars started, and SEO's became lax as they saw what they could 'get away with', it started to seem reasonable to think that either Google just didn't care, or couldn't do anything about it.  SEO's had a free ride, and could do and get away with anything that worked - unreadable content, blog networks, social bookmarks, forum spam - and if they wanted to stay competitive they had to!

Well, this seems to be the rationalization anyway.

And then there was the demand of their customers, wanting the quickest rankings possible for as little money as possible, they'd heard stories from friends or colleagues that achieved a page 1 ranking within 2 weeks - why can't they have that too? And they could quickly, and cheaply with spammy, low quality back links that offer no value to anyone and junk up the Internet for everyone.

It really got to a point where Google had no choice but to step in and take massive action, and that is where we are right now.  With the Panda and Penguin updates Google started a huge clean up effort, and in the long term we're all going to be better off - not just in the Google search results but with a cleaner Internet with more fresh, informative and real content for everyone.


Whether you've experienced a drop in rankings, already been penalized or just want to be proactive in cleaning up some unnatural links now so they don't come back to bite you later.

We can help:

  • Eliminate Spam Links from your Backlink Profile
  • Reverse Link and Over Optimization Penalties
  • Recover Lost Search Engine Rankings and Traffic


How Does Orp Media Link Removal Work?

(1) Identify Unnatural Links.

The first step in optimizing your link profile is finding the unnatural links that may be keeping your website from reaching its full ranking potential in today's most popular search engines.

Our team of link analysis experts start by using our one of a kind identification techniques to manually check each link, one by one, to determine exactly which links may have a negative impact on your rankings. Upon starting our analysis, you will be provided with access to a live spread sheet showing the links we've identified. You can watch the entire process live, see when the last edits were done and know how close we are to completion at all times.

(2) Remove Unnatural Links.

Once there's a list of negative links to be targeted for removal, we begin contacting the webmasters hosting these links, and work with them to ensure these links are permanently removed, effectively making your website more reputable to the search engines.

Any links that cannot be removed due to unresponsive or uncooperative webmasters will be disavowed using Google's new disavow tool. Below is a video from Google's Matt Cutts explaining the new tool and how it forms an important piece of the overall link cleanup and penalty removal process.

(3) Help Remove Penalties.

Google wants to see that you're taking an active role in making your site a reputable online resource. And now that we've significantly cleaned up your link profile we will contact Google with the progress we have made and work with them submitting reconsiderations for your website up to 3 times while doing everything we can to get any additional links that Google requests removed.

For an even more in-depth description of our processes, see our FAQ page.


Our charges for the link removal service, and penalty removal processes start from $995 for unlimited links removed from up to 500 unique domains.

From experience we've found it is uncommon, for most websites, to have more than 2500 unnatural links from around 500 unique domains. But it varies case by case.

If you are unsure which package will suit your needs, just email us at info@linkremoval.com with your website address and we will create a custom quote for you.

We will count each unique domain as ONE link that needs removal. This means, even if you have 2000 links from one domain, we will only count that as one.

Why Should You Choose Orp Media Link Removal?

In the world of SEO, there once was a time when you could build links endlessly, without ever worrying about the quality of those links, and you'd still see a rise in your search rankings. As a result, countless dollars were spent acquiring low quality links from blog networks, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, and the like.

But things have changed. With the advent of Google's Penguin update, and the algorithm changes that followed it, simply building links without considering their quality is, simply put, a recipe for disaster.

SEO is a game of quality over quantity. While some SEO experts continue down the tired path of more and more links, Orp Media is looking toward the future, and we want to help you get there with us.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of gaining more exposure for your brand or website via popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The process involves managing the internal and external triggers that search engines use to determine your rankings. The most influential of these triggers is the links directed at your site. While a positive link may make your website skyrocket in the search engines, negative links may make your website disappear from the rankings altogether.

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What Causes Over Optimization and Google Penguin Penalties?

Over optimization penalties come as a result of poor link building practices. More specifically, Google Penguin penalties are typically caused by rapid link growth from low quality link sources. In other words, if the links pointing at your website appear unnatural by Google's standards, they will downgrade the reputation of your site, and penalize it with lower search engine rankings. A penalty can greatly disrupt your online business, but we're here to help.

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Am I Being Penalized for Unnatural Links?

It can be difficult to tell if unnatural links are directly responsible for a drop in your rankings and traffic. If you're a Google Webmaster Tools user, you may have been notified in your dashboard. However, Google doesn't always notify webmasters of link penalties, nor are they obligated to. If you have noticed a sudden drop in rankings and/or traffic, then there is a good chance that unnatural links are responsible for the decline.

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Google Penalty Removal

Has your website been penalized by Google for having too many unnatural links? Such a penalty can be discouraging, to say the least, but the good news is that there's something you can do about it! Orp Media Link Removal specializes in pinpointing the backlinks most likely responsible for the downgrading of your website within Google's algorithm. We take an active role in getting these links removed from their index, and restore your website to its former glory.

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